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Mobile Concrete Mixing & Pouring

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Valley Ridge Concrete owns and operates Mobile Volumetric Concrete Mixers. We produce concrete for virtually any application be it standard 3,000 psi concrete, or specialty mixes for unique applications. Virtually any color is available.

Valley Ridge Concrete will be glad to find you a contractor to setup your pour.

There are several benefits to mobile mixing:
  • No waste-We only mix what you need, and you pay only for what you use at the site.
  • Always fresh-Onsite mixing means we formulate your products at your location. We can travel long distances and deliver to remote locations-and the concrete is always fresh.
  • Cost effective for small jobs-If you need short yardage, we’ll supply what you need; there’s only a minimum charge for delivery. Our metered yardage means that each delivery is precisely measured and billed.
  • Precise controls for large jobs-Since we are mixing on your site, we can adapt our delivery to your specific needs. We can pour, formulate and pour again, as your masons work on your project.
  • Exact formulations- Our concrete technicians accurately control our mobile mixers, allowing for different mix settings. We can pour various densities (3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 psi) and even mix in additives like fiber or chemicals, for extra strength and resilience. Additives such as air entrainment, water reducers, accelerators, retardants, plasticizers, etc. are accurately applied.
  • Valley Ridge Corp also offers a wide array of precast concrete retaining walls with a chiseled rock texture. The mid size landscape block is large enough for the most demanding jobs, yet small enough to be handled with light-duty equipment.

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